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Minutes of Meetings


Period 1 (29.09.2011 – 30.06.2012)

Minutes Kick-off Meeting QUICK-IGA 18.11.2011

Minutes 1st Steering Group Meeting 22.03.2012 in Gdansk

Minutes Workshop 2. Steering Group Meeting QUICK-IGA 16.05.2012


Period 2 (01.07.2012 – 31.12.2012)

Minutes 3rd Steering Group Meeting in Berlin_27.08.2012

Minutes_2nd project Workshop in Riga_15.10.2012

Minutes 4th Steering Group Meeting in Brussels 14.11.2012


Period 3 (01.01.2013 – 30.06.2013)

Vilnius February 2013

Minutes IGA Workshop 14-15.02.2013

Participants IGA Workshop 14-15.02.2013

Gdansk March 2013

Workshop programme 7-8.03.2013

Participants Train the Consultant 7-8.3.2013


Gdansk April 2013

Partner meeting programme 11.04.2013

Participants Workshop 11.04 2013

Minutes IGA Conference 12.04.2013

Participants IGA Conference 12.04.2013


Hamburg June 2013

Project-Workshops and Meetings of Members and Hanseatic Conference programme 05.-07.06.2013

Participants IGA Workshop 05.06.2013

Minutes Steering Group 06.06.2013

Participants Steering Group 06.06.2013

Programme Hanseatic Conference 2013

Minutes Hanseatic Conference 06-07.06.2013

Conference Participants June 2013


Riga September 2013

Minutes IGA steering group meeting 19-09-2013 in Riga



Bialystok September 2013

Minutes Train for Consultants in Bialystok, 13.09.2013

Participantslist Train the Trainer in Polen-Bialystok_13.09.2013


Minsk November 2013

Minutes of IGA Project Partners Meeting 04.11.2013 in Minsk

Participantslist IGA Project Partners Meeting in Minsk, 04.11.2013

Minutes of National Conference of the QUICK-IGA Project, 5.11.2013 Minsk  

Participantslist National conference in Belarus- Minsk, 05.11.2013


Gomel November 2013

Minutes SME Training, Gomel 06.11.2013

Participantslist SME Training, Gomel 06.11.2013


Memorandum of Understanding on Promoting Innovative SMEs through Women’s Entrepreneurship, Increased Employment of Women and Elderly– QUICK IGA


IGA Results: has been published by the Baltic Sea Academy

Volume 9
Economic Perspectives, Qualifications and Labour Market Integration of Women in the Baltic Sea Region
by Ulrike Biermann, Christina Boll, Nora Reich and Silvia Stiller
ISBN: 9783732232952


BSA Buchcover Vol9 Version 1_0

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