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The project aims at boosting innovation capacity of SMEs by increasing labour participation of women and elders and concurrently providing an innovation fostering environment. The parallel and concerted activities will consider four levels: individual, enterprise, organisations and politics. Specific solutions will be elaborated for  relevant type of region.

Sub-goals are:

  • Developing and transferring working cultures and structures that supports the labor participation of women and elders and increases the innovation capacities of SMEs and, thus, adjusting the employment rate of women and elderly in different BSR regions.
  • Implementing identified Best Practice solutions -adapted to specific regional conditions- in the BSR regions and realization of a north-south transfer.
  • Developing further education and coaching programs for SME-promoters as well as a handbook for the promotion of innovation through improving the working work environment for women and elderly.
  • Elaborating a BSR wide strategy for strengthening the innovation capacities of SMEs through higher labor participation of women and elderly. As part of the BSR-QUICK flagship project this strategy programme will be proposed for the EU strategy for BSR.
  • Transfer of promotion measures to 45 Baltic Sea Regions.